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As some of you club members may have noticed, our current official club poster is an attempt at referencing/mirroring Nagisa’s (Clannad) dango-themed theater club flyer. Upon taping it onto the library door however, I realized that the translucence of the glass allows the backside of the paper to be seen from within (my apologies if that sounded like an utterly stupid revelation). I figured that instead of letting that side be wasted, why not draw something on it to attract more people?

Before I could file this into my Top 10 Good Ideas folder however, there was still one fundamental problem that needs to be solved: I’m horrible at drawing anything original. Although I’ve been watching anime for years, I’ve hardly ever studied its proportions and styles indepth enough for me to create something of my own. Thus, I stood at a fork in the road: either abandon the idea, or shamelessly duplicate another artist’s drawing. I obviously chose the latter path, or else you wouldn’t even be reading this right now.

Without further ado then, I present you the fruits of my labor, kindly scanned at three different light intensities by our lovely vice-president (click to enlarge):


Compare and contrast this with the original image, drawn by the famed Kantoku himself (again, click to enlarge):

Not too shabby, hopefully. I sincerely pray that dear Kantoku, from halfway across the globe, can forgive me for plagiarizing his work, and I also wish to thank him from the bottom of my heart for producing this beautiful drawing in the first place.


– Yes I know my writing legibility is a monstrosity that induces eye cancer.

– The dangos in the background are actually printed on the other side of the paper, but due to technical issues, their appearence in the scan is unavoidable.

– Lastly, I swear that dango lying smack in the center of the horribly drawn wavering puddle was not intended to be there….


Update 12/01: Ouch, I had this poster put up on the library door in the morning, around 7:50, but by 4th period, ~11:00, the poster had already disappeared without a trace.

Next time I do this (if ever), I swear I’m going to fortify that poster with reinforced steel or something!

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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun 09

Railgun ep9 turned out to be a slow-paced episode dominated by The Melancholy of Saten, only briefly spiced up by an action scene that contains 100% more talking than, you know, the action itself.


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On one fateful day in the year 2007, a certain unknown genius had asked a question so revolutionary it shook the very foundations of time and space: What if Kyon was a girl?

Welcome to the Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya, where every one of your most fantastical dreams with the original Haruhi cast shall be utterly destroyed by the newer, I daresay crazier, gender-reversed cast!

The Suzumiya Haruhi no Seitenkan fan project, like most anime-related movements, began in Japan somewhere during 2007 when fanarts of Kyonko (♀Kyon) started surfacing. Her amusingly snarky disposition and inexplicably delicious adorable ponytail, along with Haruki’s (♂Haruhi) projected manliness, immediately propelled the concept into widespread recognition. Fandubs were made as a tribute to it, and even cosplayers began taking notice.

But the legend did not stop there.


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Game CM: (CM)東方武斗祭EP2:魔女的挑戰狀_公式CM

Touhou Battle Arena is a Warcraft mod (“custom map”) rendering a battle arena in which players control Touhou characters to fight. I found out about this map a while ago, but was put off because the game is made in Chinese (my English Warcraft can’t read the text). While trying to organize my links yesterday however, I came across its forums, and so I decided to whip out the good’ol Google translator and look into it more deeply.

The effects and designs are extremely well made  for a WC mod, and I believe it even boasts a customizable BGM system as well. I was also astonished to learn that some folks have already begun an English translation project for it, with several of the characters’ skills/abilities already translated. Version 2.05 of the game was released earlier this month, though it seems to be restricted to forumers only. Version 2.02 however, is publicly downloadable. If you’re a 7-year Warcraft veteran like me who’ve tried all of the crappiest maps ever conceived, you’d know how excited I am for this map!


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Needless 21

I couldn't believe it either

Episode 21 wraps up Gido’s flashback and sets up a new plot point for the next episode – The Triple Six 666 Committee.


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No screening this week

Since there is no school Wed-Fri, there will be no screening this week. Instead, enjoy your Thanksgiving Break by watching 10 episodes of anime each day!

– Message brought to you by your awesome and fabulous club president.

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Amaterasu, the visual novel translation group who finished Cross Channel in 3 months, will be polling for their project #3 on 11/23 6:00 PM for 24 hours. The ten finalists are:

– 11eyes
– Baldr Sky Dive1 “LostMemory”
– Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet
– France Shoujo ~Une Fille Blanche~
– I/O
– Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
– MuvLuv Alternative
– My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT
– Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu
– Swan Song

More info can be found on their blog.

As for me, I’d always been hyped up for Eden* even before its release, and the game’s epic OP (which, if anyone remembers, was shown in the club room when I was testing the projector) did nothing but encourage that. Being an all-age game certainly helps me in this regard, since I tend to avoid eroge. Eden* is also supposedly quite short compared to other visual novels; short enough for Amaterasu to finish it within a month and right on time for me to burn through it during Christmas break. As such, I’m totally backing Eden* on this one.

Also, “Vote for Eden* and WIN”, courtesy of NNL. 🙂

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