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Despite the CST, lunch schedule is almost completely unaffected, so we’re screening Toradora ep21 on Wednesday (tomorrow) as normal.

Speaking of which, ep21 features an epic oshi- moment where Taiga finally goddamned Said It. Also, we get to see Minorin and Ami smack each other around a bit in the snow; wouldn’t want to miss this. :>

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Yearbook approached us and asked if we wanted to take a club picture to put on the yearbook. Why not? And so a photographer is apparently scheduled to come to the clubroom during screening tomorrow at 12:15. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, I think.

Yes I asked whether we’re allowed to do weird poses but I got rejected.

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So we’re already at episode 20. Only 6 more to go. 😦

Also, I need to get back into the habit of blogging….

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After pulling an extensive April Fools joke involving Dutch police and RAGEQUITs, Mirrormoon released their Farland Symphony translation patch, the culmination of 8 years of blood, tears, and effort. I couldn’t find an English walkthrough anywhere (probably unnecessary, as the storyline’s linear), but here is a Japanese one that goes into where various items and secrets can be found.

As for a little description, Farland Symphony is a nice, simple SRPG developed by TGL in 2002 that can be pretty good for passing time when you’ve got nothing to do. It wouldn’t be winning awards for its plot anytime soon, but it does have some cute comedy moments to compensate. And of course, there’s no way I’d forget mentioning its immensely catchy OP song (Wing My Way – KOTOKO), one of my favorites since the days when I still Youtubed anime.

See Mirrormoon’s Farland Symphony page for game details/screenshots, and its subforum for discussions.

Firrus: “What this world needs is love.”
Firrus (shooting arrows): “Love and peace.”

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