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Yes we’re continuing the anime club this year, but first we need to take care of some documents and politics, do some technological preparations, etc. for one or two weeks. Afterwards, we’ll schedule a meeting and decide what to screen. Please wait until that. =)

Speaking of which, choosing a 25-episode series last year was a bad decision on our part (even though Toradora! is a very good anime), so all candidates for screening this year will be 1-cour (12-13 episodes) series. This will allow us to watch 2 different titles, and if we have extra time, even a couple of OVAs. Yay.

As for the blog… it’s kind of dead at the moment since I can’t find the motivation to write anything, but for those of you who still check it periodically, thanks. As always, if you are in the anime club (or will be, anyway), feel free to request authorship and we’ll let you make posts here.

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