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This year, we’re implementing a system where club members will get to repeal their choice of the currently-screening anime if they don’t like what they’re seeing after one or two episodes.

Basically, you’ll be watching episode 1 of Baccano this Wednesday (at lunch in room E260), and afterwards, we’ll ask you guys if you want to continue watching Baccano or not. If enough people vote nay, we’ll switch it to Arakawa Under the Bridge or something.

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We held the Anime Selection Meeting today and Baccano! got so many votes that the officers couldn’t even bother counting them.

So yeah, starting next week, we will be screening an episode of Baccano every Wednesday until we’ve covered all 13 episodes. After that, another Anime Selection Meeting will be held to choose the next series that we will be screening, probably around January or so. Which is perfect, since the Winter 2011 season would have started by then, and we can pick from directly from that list instead. Yayifications!

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Just got informed that there is some business our advisor has to tend to on Thursday, so we’re moving the Anime Selection Meeting™ to 9/17 Friday instead.

For those who don’t know what in the world the Anime Selection Meeting™ is, it’s where all club members gather to vote for which anime title our club is going to screen (see: The Club). Since we don’t want 1 vote for every series that exists out there, club members would instead be voting out of a list of candidate series.

Well, to put it shortly, it’s an omega important meeting, and cute animals will get hurt if you don’t attend!

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Forgot to post this yesterday, but the International Saimoe League 2010’s Double Elimination (DE) phase has already begun. In DE, the top 16 girls from the regular season battle each other in order to become the final ISML champion. The top 16 are:

1. Shana
2. Katsura Hinagiku
3. Akiyama Mio
4. Misaka Mikoto
5. Aisaka Taiga
6. Nagato Yuki
7. Nakano Azusa
8. Saber
9. Suzumiya Haruhi
10. Sakagami Tomoyo
11. Fujibayashi Kyou
12. Sanzen’in Nagi
13. Sengoku Nadeko
14. Hirasawa Yui
15. Hiiragi Kagami
16. Senjougahara Hitagi

Normally I’d throw you into the voting arena right about now, but because I am such a slowpoke.jpg on posting this, the preliminary round of DE is already over. Results for it will be released on 0300 GMT, approximately 7.5 hours from now. I don’t really expect a massive upset so soon into the game, but heck I wouldn’t mind seeing something epic like how Horo almost assasinated Shana right off the bat last year again.

To see the schedule for DE rounds, check out the ISML FAQ page.

ISML DE: where rage happens.

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