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Of Squids and Hats

I did it. My ika-hat is finally complete in all its squidy and tentacley glory. Now I can join forces with my ika-bretheren and together we shall invade the Earth!

You too can join our conquest for domination today by following this video tutorial for instructions on how to make an ika-hat.

In related news, Ika Musume is definitely the show of the season. OreImo and Kaminomi are entertaining, Bakuman has alot of potential, and Star Driver is :fabulous:, but I find myself anticipating Ika Musume the most every week. Its light-hearted and relaxing comedy just clicks really well with me.

Also, I’d totally eat Ika Musume iykwim.

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San Gabriel High School’s Anime Club (“Anime Anonymous”) has recently informed me about their upcoming Halloween costume/cosplay event.

Yeah, I never knew before this that there is an anime club there either.

If any of you guys are interested, it will be held on Oct. 30th 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 PM. Tickets are $5 pre-sale and $7 at the door. More information can be found in the poster to the left.

Since their president went out of her way to invite us, I will personally be paying her some respects and be attending it.

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A little report on various stuff that have been going on.

– We’ve added a line of text on the Club Board (see sidebar) that states when the next screening will be. If some issue suddenly rises up that forces us to reschedule, a post will be made and that line will be updated.
– We’ve made a new Idler powerpoint that will play on the screen while we prepare to show an episode. It will display random facts/statistics about anime culture (e.g. October 10th is Moe Day), random tips on good websites/tools to use, manga/game/whatever recommendations from officers, etc. If you have anything mindblowing (or not) that you wish to contribute to it, email us or leave a comment on the Suggestions page.
– We will be making a Suggestions Box to station in the club room. We love suggestions.
– Finally, we’ve recently got this idea to use club funds to purchase English-translated manga/light novels and keep a library of them at the club room. We’re not entirely sure how we should go about this, so we’d like to hear what you guys think. We’ll talk about it a bit in our next screening (Oct. 20).

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