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Right, so we have a Manga Library now! From the Manga Library rules page:

The Manga Library is a small collection of manga, books, and other miscellaneous items purchased and owned by the Anime Club. It focuses on collecting the first volumes of as many manga series as possible, in order promote variety.

There are only 6 books as of current (+ some random promotional booklets for DEARDROPS that I got from buying Kirakira… might as well, right?), but as we raise more club funds in the future we’ll be obtaining more books to expand the library. You can find a list of books on the right sidebar; it will be updated if new books come in.

As for the announcement, next week we’ll likely not be able to screen on Wednesday. Nor on any other day for that matter, as our advisor will be busy that week. So for now, the next screening is tentatively scheduled on Dec. 15. The date on the sidebar will be updated (and a notice will be made on the bulletin, although it won’t be read… god why don’t they read club announcements anymore?) should things change, so check back occasionally~

EDIT (12/3/10): Cancellation of screening next week confirmed. Our next screening will be held on December 15th.

Continue reading if you want to see how Manga Library works and its rules.


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