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It’s that time of the year again. During next week’s screening on Feb. 2nd, the yearbook people will come in to take a group shot of club members, though as with anything in our awesomely laidback club, it is not mandatory to be in it (you can just stay at your desk and wait for screening). It’ll probably only take a few minutes though, so if you want to be forever imprinted in history and remembered, come join us for the photo~

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For those of you who attended the 2nd Anime Selection Meeting today, sorry for the rush due to technical difficulties and Mr. Lopez’s speech!

In the end, out of Infinite Stratos, Fractale, Madoka Magica, Level E, and Yumekui Merry, the last one won the most votes with a narrow margin over Level E. Those who wanted Level E shouldn’t be too disappointed though, since Yumekui Merry is a pretty decent title so far too (as well as the series that J.C. Staff is apparently pouring their budget into, if the animation is any indication!). And if it turns out that you guys don’t like Yumekui Merry after seeing the first and second episodes, we’ll probably change it to another series like Level E. All in all though, I’m sure screening a series that is new and still ongoing will be rather fun.

The screening of Yumekui Merry ep01 will be on Jan. 26, Wednesday as usual. We’ll also be announcing our new officers then, so be sure to come!

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Baccano is now over, and it’s finally time to move on to our second anime series of the year!

Just as (we’ve) planned, we were able to finish Baccano right as the new Winter 2011 season came. What this means is that instead of picking from “old” titles and risking people having seen them already, we can now select directly from the new season and watch them alongside with the world as one big happy family!

Our 2nd Anime Selection Meeting will be held on January 20th, Thursday next week. As usual, we will be showing the openings of the candidate series with synopses, etc. afterwards. For those of you who didn’t like Baccano due to its violence, rest assured that the anime this time should be relatively lighter. Everyone is welcome, so be sure to come!

PS: That officer thing (see the post below this one) will stay open until after the 2nd anime selection meeting.

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A while ago I noticed that the officers in the Anime Club are starting to get a little too old. Although we all still have our senior year ahead of us, there’d literally be no one left to continue the club after we graduate (which is probably the reason why the previous anime club folded – a lack of officers). That’s why we’ve decided that we should start gathering some younglings and train them to eventually take over the club after we retire.

That and because we want to be touching when we play Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (K-On!! spoilers) or something when we graduate. ;_;

Anyways, if you’re a club member and are interested in becoming an Anime Club officer, check in during next screening and give us your name / email address. You don’t need to take an anime proficiency test or anything weird, but if you want you can write us some comments so we can know a little more about you. As long as you’re not a completely random person we have never seen before, you can have a chance at becoming an officer.

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A belated Happy New Years to all of you!

The screening of Baccano ep12 this week has been moved to 1/6,  Thursday. Also, since next week is finals week, the screening of Baccano ep13 (the final episode!) will be held on 1/11 Tuesday instead; hopefully that’ll serve as a bit of relaxation before the barrage of exciting and exhilarating exams. =)

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