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For GAB week after Spring Break, all clubs need to design a poster to be hanged outside the Media Center. We are recruiting helpers (preferably artists and designers) to assist us in making our poster.

If you’d like to help, please come to the meeting in room E260 on Tuesday, Mar. 22, at lunch. (EDIT: Actually, we will be meeting on Mar. 24th and Mar. 25th too so you can come on those days as well)

PS: This won’t affect our schedule for screening. We will still screen Yumekui Merry ep10 on Wednesday, Mar. 23.

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The Anime Club 2011 Treasure Hunt is over! Congratulations to Connie for finding the treasure. The prize this year was actually up for choosing by the winner; I’m sure she is happy with what she requested. =)

I’m glad to know too that our riddles are actually solvable. Also, a big thank you to all those who participated in the hunt and took the effort to try out our puzzles and riddles! For those curious how the hunt would’ve played out, here is the complete solution.


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The screening of Yumekui Merry episode 9 has been moved to next Thursday, March 17th.

Time sure passed by quickly; a few more episodes and we will be done screening Yumekui Merry. Unlike last year, this time we have several weeks to spare, but it is still not enough to finish another normal 13-episode anime series. Instead, we’ll probably be screening several short OVA series like Cencoroll, Black Rock Shooter, Bungaku Shoujo Memoire, etc., or at least figure out a way to split a movie without hurting the enjoyment too much.

Also, nobody has found the treasure for the Treasure Hunt yet guys; every one of you still has a chance!

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Here is the first riddle to the Treasure Hunt, exactly the same as the one posted up on the door of room E260. If you want a printed copy of the riddle, simply ask the dude donning a Club Officer sign (i.e. me) inside the clubroom. Once you solve it, report the answer to me and you will receive the items for the next phase. The Treasure Hunt will last until March 15th, the end of lunchtime.

Again, you are free to use whatever methods you wish to help you find the treasure (short of blackmailing/stalking/torturing officers, of course  ಠ_ಠ).

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Despite being a month late, it’s finally here! The Anime Club will be hosting its second annual treasure hunt event, complete with ridiculously elaborate riddles/puzzles that are actually solvable (hurray!), awesome prizes, and just general fun all around.

Here’s the basic rundown:

The event will officially start on March 7th at the beginning of lunch and will last until the end of lunchtime on March 15th. On March 7th, all interested treasure hunters can come to the clubroom (room E260) and receive a piece of riddle that they must solve. We made sure that the riddles/puzzles this year are much easier, and in addition to that, treasure hunters are allowed to use any tools/methods they wish for assistance (disclaimer: except blackmailing/stalking officers). It helps to have anime knowledge, but like last year it is not absolutely necessary.

The prize this year, by the way, can be picked by the winner from a list of various stuff. There are many items, ranging from soundtracks to wallscrolls, keychains to plushies, all kinds of things to choose from. If I wasn’t organizing this thing I’d join it in a heartbeat. The prize is sitting right there waiting for you…

…assuming you’re capable of finding the “treasure”, that is. ^_^

PS: A reminder that we have a double screening this week on Wednesday and Friday. Be sure to come!

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