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The biggest annual anime convention in North America starts tomorrow on July 1st!

Several of our Anime Club officers will be roaming around in the convention, and from our surveys it seems alot of GHS students are interested in going as well. Say hello if you see us, as we will if we see you!

I can’t wait to see Miyuki Sawashiro and (hopefully) get her autograph.

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Due to budget cuts and layoffs, Ms. Rusin has been given a heavy burden by the school to train new teachers next year. Unfortunately, on account of her hectic schedule, this means she can no longer be our club’s adviser.

No doubt, Ms. Rusin has done much to help this club take off. Starting the club was no easy task for us, but it was with the assistance of Ms. Rusin, who provided the equipment, support, and guidance that we were able to hang on for dear life during our first year. At the time when we were sure we won’t be able to find an adviser for the Anime Club, it was she who gave us a helping hand to pull us to where we are today. When we and the club were weak and isolated back then, it was she who adopted and raised us. If you are reading this right now, Ms. Rusin, we sincerely thank you for your help these past two years. The baby bird has matured into (you guessed it!) an eagle now, so there is no need to worry about us. We wish you luck for next year!

Thus, starting on August 2011, Mrs. Schramm @ Room B208 will be the new Anime Club adviser. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of her already, but for those who have been living in a cave, Mrs. Schramm teaches biology. We will be promoting the social aspects of our club heavily next year, so along with holding a few new events in there, we will be hanging out in her room quite often.

Look forward to them, and enjoy your summer break!

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