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~*Meri Kurisumasu!*~

Meri Kurisumasu everyone!~ Happy Holidays! Season‘s Greetings! Happy Hanukkah! Whatever religion or holiday you celebrate,  I hope you all stay warm and safe for the holidays and for winter break!  See you all next year!~~~ LOL

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So far, it’s been cancels and reschedules left and right for Ano Hana, so we’re going to make up for that with three screenings this week! Come to room B208 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to watch ep7, ep8, and ep9 all in three days!

This will put us in schedule to finish Ano Hana the week we come back, and to hold the 3rd Anime Selection Meeting the following Tuesday. Look forward to the meeting, because it will be very special compared to the previous two. =)

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Are all you artists out there ready to test your best skills against each other? Are you eager to let the world know how awesome your comics are? Now you can, with Anime Club’s Comic Contest 2012!

For this contest, which is one of our biggest events this year, we’ve decided to do something different. We don’t just want to give you gift cards or prize credits and then let the excitement die. Instead, we’ll give you something much more valuable: for the first time ever, we are cooperating with Tongva Times to get the winner’s comic published in the school newspaper! You now have a chance to permanently make your mark on this school’s history!

Details of the Contest

  • Dates: The contest will run from December 15th through January 17th.
  • Registration: Simply come to Room B208 to sign up for the contest. You will get an application to be attached to your comic when you submit it.
  • Theme: The theme is romance or friendship, since the winning comic may be published in the February issue of Tongva Times.
  • Format: It is not required to use manga-styled art! Any art style is fine, as long as it is not just text all the way through. For length, the max size of the comic is 1 page.

Once the contest is over, there will be a preliminary selection, after which we will invite all club members and students to vote between the best several remaining comics!
EDIT: There has been a change of plans. Due to the amount of comics submitted and in order to speed up the process, we will do the judging entirely internally. However, we also will invite Mrs. Schramm and Mrs. Strom to help us as co-judges, so consider our utmost fairness guranteed!

If you have any questions or comments, drop by room B208, email us at GHSAnimeClub@hotmail.com, or leave a comment here.

Good luck and have fun!

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Due to a massive wind that started late Wednesday night, half of San Gabriel is out of power, so there is no school for Thursday and Friday. We were supposed to be screening Ano Hana ep3 on Thursday, but that has been moved to next Tuesday (Dec. 6th).

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