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Hey Guys!~ Happy New Year!~ Good Bye 2012 and Hello to 2013!~
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When we get back from Winter Break, we will be continuing our screenings of Sword Art Online in Mr. McClure’s Room!~



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This has been a great year everyone and thank you so much for supporting Anime Club! I would like to take a moment to thank the Senior officers; Vincent Wong (Founder-sama!!!!!!), Eric Xu (Eric-chan!~), Desmond Cheng (Journalisms!!!), Enyi Liang, (our dear Treasurer) , and Mrs. Schramm (our lovely adviser, The Schramminator) for all their hard work, support and contribution.

Mrs. Schramm, thank you so much for taking us in, despite your busy schedule, when we had no place or adviser for Anime Club. We seriously thought it would have been the end because we didn’t have an adviser. You have really been a great adviser, teacher and teacher friend. You have an incredible personality and you will be miss and never forgotten. Your kindness will stay with the Anime Club forever. I wish you the best of luck in your future and may the odds be in your favor.

Vincent Wong, the founder and reviver of the Anime Club. Without you, Anime Club would not have existed. You are an awesomely wise friend who I know I can count on for advise and guidance for what would be best for the club. I know that you will be spreading your wisdom everywhere you go and your intellect will take you to your dream. Thank you so much for your help and guidance and good luck to your future.

Eric Xu, you are practically my assistant, you have helped me with so much this year from organizing events to keeping track of people. You are an amazing friend who never fails to make me laugh when the stress comes around. I don’t think I can describe in words what gratitude I have for your contribution to the club. I know that wherever you go, life will work out for you. Thank you for your help and effort and lame jokes that never fail to crack me up. Good luck to you and your future.

Desmond Cheng, you are our journalism guy, you give us the scoop about other clubs’ activities and when they are happening so that we can plan our own out of the way. You have supported us and made us laugh and you knew when to be a clown and when to be serious. I hope that life will treat you well and thank you for your contribution.

Enyi Liang, even though we had only met this year, I am glad that I was able to befriend you this year. You try so hard in everything that you do and that’s what makes it amazing, the timeless effort you put into your contribution to the Anime Club. I wish you good luck in your future and I know that with your effort, it will be beautiful.

Again, I thank you all for your hard work, I will miss you all dear friends and I hope you all the best. Keep in Touch and hope to hear from you soon. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!~~~~ *^^*

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Inu X Boku SS & Another have been chosen to be screened. These 2 anime have only been released in Japan for about 2 weeks. I can tell you both of these anime are really good. I have personally read the manga and I really enjoyed both of theses. Inu X Boku SS was a joy to read, while Another creeps me out but was still a very fascinating nevertheless. Starting next week:

Inu X Boku SS will be screened every Tuesday during lunch.

Another will be screened every Thursday during lunch.

Remember, you do NOT have to come to these screenings if you do not wish to. :3 Enjoy the anime!~~

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~*Meri Kurisumasu!*~

Meri Kurisumasu everyone!~ Happy Holidays! Season‘s Greetings! Happy Hanukkah! Whatever religion or holiday you celebrate,  I hope you all stay warm and safe for the holidays and for winter break!  See you all next year!~~~ LOL

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The last episode of Ika Musume will be screened on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, in B208 during lunch!
Please join us in enjoying the last episode!

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It’s been a long 9 months. We’ve walked through the U.S. Roaring Twenties in the universe of Baccano and through mysterious dream worlds within Yumekui Merry. We’ve seen the stories of espers in Cencoroll, of warriors and friends in Black Rock Shooter, of archivists in Pale Cocoon, of world leaders in Reform Without Wasted Draws, and of star-crossed lovers in Voices of a Distant Star. All of these we have screened in the school year of 2010-2011; no doubt we have accomplished much compared to last year, and we will continue to accomplish much more next year as well. So here is our final screening of the year.

This week, on Wednesday in room E260, we will be screening Half-Broken Music Box (more commonly known as Kowarekake no Orgel), a slice-of-life drama about an unmotivated man whose life is changed when he meets an amnesiac android. It is a doujin OVA, or an anime that is not produced by a professional studio. However despite this, the staff involved are all professional directors and voice actors, and unless one Googles it or something it is impossible to tell that Half-Broken Music Box is a doujin production. For one, the animation is definitely on par with and even better than most anime out there.

Half-Broken Music Box is chosen to be screened last because we wish to show something that is quiet, sentimental, and yet powerful before we leave for the summer. Not coincidentally (i.e. just as planned), the anime takes place during the summer; it is my hope that everyone will experience as fun a summer as the main characters Keiichiro and Flower do in this heart-warming little OVA.

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Oh man, did the bulletins mention this today?

This week, on Tuesday in room E260, we will be screening Voices of a Distant Star, a sci-fi romance title about two lovers who have to rely on email to communicate across a vast expanse of space. It is directed by Makoto Shinkai, the famous director who is often hailed as the second coming of Hayao Miyazaki. In fact, Shinkai is not only the director, but also the producer of Voices and the sole animator. Guys hardcore for sure.

I came across Voices, I think, soon after watching 5 Centimeters Per Second. Shinkai’s name was already pretty well-known by that time, and I heard that supposedly his Voices of a Distant Star is must-watch classic. I held off on it until I finished The Place Promised in Our Early Days, which impressed me so much that I finally gave Voices a try.

Voices, like Pale Cocoon, is no light watch. In return however, it offers a plethora of symbolism and excellent, touching drama in the two’s struggle to reach each other’s hearts across the vastness of space. While the character animation is not particularly stellar, the great music, composed by Shinkai’s BFF Tenmon, contributes greatly in beautifully portraying the star-crossed lovers’ conflicts.

A classic that indeed should be given a watch.

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