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And with today’s screening, we are officially done with our 3rd and 4th anime of 2012! We hope you enjoyed watching Inu x Boku SS and Another. However, this year isn’t quite over just yet. Although we won’t be screening another anime series (well… with luck we may have a little time left for an OVA or a movie), we still have one final event coming up.

Ever wondered whether you know more about anime than this dude who sits next to you? Or maybe you’d like to see how many fellow students are at your level? Our upcoming Anime Jeopardy Contest 2012 will let you do just that!

What: The Jeopardy Contest will put your knowledge of anime to the test with questions that range from easy to difficult, from standard to obscure. There will be lots of prizes to give out!

Who: Any Gabrielino student is welcome to participate, free of charge. However, signing-up is required, so visit our clubroom at B208 to sign up now!

When: May 24th (Thurs)

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Congratulations to the winner of our 1st annual Comic Contest, Allison Ly! She receives a sketchbook as a prize, and because she wishes not to publish the comic in Tongva Times, she will receive an additional alternative prize item. However, she has given us permission to scan and post her valentine-themed comic, titled “I Only Date Beautiful Girls“, here (click to enlarge):

Overall, the event was a success and we received a number of comics with some great artwork. A big thanks to all those who submitted a comic! We hope to bring out even more artists to participate and give away even better prizes next year, so look forward to it!

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Inu X Boku SS & Another have been chosen to be screened. These 2 anime have only been released in Japan for about 2 weeks. I can tell you both of these anime are really good. I have personally read the manga and I really enjoyed both of theses. Inu X Boku SS was a joy to read, while Another creeps me out but was still a very fascinating nevertheless. Starting next week:

Inu X Boku SS will be screened every Tuesday during lunch.

Another will be screened every Thursday during lunch.

Remember, you do NOT have to come to these screenings if you do not wish to. :3 Enjoy the anime!~~

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Winter signifies the passing of a year as well as the birth of a new one. To celebrate this spirit, since 2010 we have been preparing something quite special for the Anime Selection Meetings that are held in January.

Come to our Third Anime Selection Meeting held next Tuesday, Jan. 17th, at lunch in room B208, to vote on the next series that you want us to screen. Things are a little different this time around however: instead of choosing only one show, we will be selecting two shows out of the five avaliable! All candidates this time are picked from the Winter 2012 anime line-up, which means every one of them are all-new series currently still airing in Japan! (See the Winter 2012 anime line-up chart and the Random Curiosity preview for reference)

Because these shows are all still airing, we can only follow their airing schedule to screen both at one episode per week. From the two shows that we will select, one of them will be screened on Tuesday, and the other on Thursday. Although this means we will watch each one at a slower pace, this also gives us double the experience of anime fresh from airing in Japan!

Hope to see you all at the selection meeting!

(Note: Unfortunately, technical difficulties in today’s screening caused us to start the Ano Hana finale late, so we were unable to finish the episode. Please come watch the last 5 minutes of it at the beginning of the selection meeting. Sorry!)

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Are all you artists out there ready to test your best skills against each other? Are you eager to let the world know how awesome your comics are? Now you can, with Anime Club’s Comic Contest 2012!

For this contest, which is one of our biggest events this year, we’ve decided to do something different. We don’t just want to give you gift cards or prize credits and then let the excitement die. Instead, we’ll give you something much more valuable: for the first time ever, we are cooperating with Tongva Times to get the winner’s comic published in the school newspaper! You now have a chance to permanently make your mark on this school’s history!

Details of the Contest

  • Dates: The contest will run from December 15th through January 17th.
  • Registration: Simply come to Room B208 to sign up for the contest. You will get an application to be attached to your comic when you submit it.
  • Theme: The theme is romance or friendship, since the winning comic may be published in the February issue of Tongva Times.
  • Format: It is not required to use manga-styled art! Any art style is fine, as long as it is not just text all the way through. For length, the max size of the comic is 1 page.

Once the contest is over, there will be a preliminary selection, after which we will invite all club members and students to vote between the best several remaining comics!
EDIT: There has been a change of plans. Due to the amount of comics submitted and in order to speed up the process, we will do the judging entirely internally. However, we also will invite Mrs. Schramm and Mrs. Strom to help us as co-judges, so consider our utmost fairness guranteed!

If you have any questions or comments, drop by room B208, email us at GHSAnimeClub@hotmail.com, or leave a comment here.

Good luck and have fun!

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Did everyone enjoy our finale screening of Ika Musume? For everyone who is already missing the geso, Ika Musume season 2 is currently airing in Japan! Pick up the second season if you want to continue following the adventures of our lovable squid girl. =)

Meanwhile, now that the club has finished screening Ika Musume, it’s time to start showing a different anime. Come to our Second Anime Selection Meeting this Thursday, Nov. 10th, at lunch in room B208 to vote on a new anime to watch!

About Anime Selection Meetings: Every year, the Anime Club holds several Anime Selection Meetings for club members to vote on which anime they want us to screen. There will be five series to choose from, from action to comedy to drama, with each series the best of its genre. Once chosen, a series will be screened from start to finish one episode at a time. Screening are default on Tuesdays and Thusdays at lunch in room B208.

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The screening on Thursday (Oct. 27) has been moved to Friday (Oct. 28).


And…since ASB is having a Halloween event on that day, the Anime Club will also be hosting a Cosplay Contest!
Anyone who is interested in joining can sign-up during the screening tomorrow (Oct. 25) and those looking closest to their character can win prizes!

Good luck!

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