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I waited exactly 360 days for Anime Expo 2011. Through wallet-empty days, through KitaEri/Hocchan-signature-less nights, I waited with bated breath for registration, Guests of Honor announcements, and schedule releases. Even through my heartache at the March 11th Japan earthquake, even through my stressful schoolwork, I waited patiently.

And then Anime Expo 2011 came, and the one thing I remember doing the most during the con was… waiting. Then again, I was able to wait in actual physical lines, so I guess that’s a change of pace!

The most important part of course, was that all the waiting were worth it.

(For more transcripts/coverage of certain panels, see bayoab’s live feed, Inside AX, and ANN)


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The biggest annual anime convention in North America starts tomorrow on July 1st!

Several of our Anime Club officers will be roaming around in the convention, and from our surveys it seems alot of GHS students are interested in going as well. Say hello if you see us, as we will if we see you!

I can’t wait to see Miyuki Sawashiro and (hopefully) get her autograph.

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Forgot to post this yesterday, but the International Saimoe League 2010’s Double Elimination (DE) phase has already begun. In DE, the top 16 girls from the regular season battle each other in order to become the final ISML champion. The top 16 are:

1. Shana
2. Katsura Hinagiku
3. Akiyama Mio
4. Misaka Mikoto
5. Aisaka Taiga
6. Nagato Yuki
7. Nakano Azusa
8. Saber
9. Suzumiya Haruhi
10. Sakagami Tomoyo
11. Fujibayashi Kyou
12. Sanzen’in Nagi
13. Sengoku Nadeko
14. Hirasawa Yui
15. Hiiragi Kagami
16. Senjougahara Hitagi

Normally I’d throw you into the voting arena right about now, but because I am such a slowpoke.jpg on posting this, the preliminary round of DE is already over. Results for it will be released on 0300 GMT, approximately 7.5 hours from now. I don’t really expect a massive upset so soon into the game, but heck I wouldn’t mind seeing something epic like how Horo almost assasinated Shana right off the bat last year again.

To see the schedule for DE rounds, check out the ISML FAQ page.

ISML DE: where rage happens.

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Saimoe 2010 Preliminaries

Saimoe is back. With weapons.

Preliminaries have already started today, so it is time to grab your vote codes and begin supporting your favorite waifus! The preliminaries will last until July 30th, after which the main tournament will start on August 3rd. There are a total of 2581 characters nominated for the competition this year, of which 288 will make it into the main tournament.

Relevant links:
Japanese Saimoe website
English Saimoe website (unofficial)
ASuki thread

Please note that for this year, all votes must contain a “supporting line” or else it will not count. These lines can be anything from “Go go character x” to “I love character y”, and as such, can be very simplistic. English is apparently allowed, though there is no way of telling whether this will change in the future or not. See the Voting Guide for a complete, well, guide on voting.

As for me, I personally can’t vote this year due to being banned from 2ch (;_;), but even watching from the sidelines definitely seems to be worth it, what with all these old powerhouses (Nanoha, Haruhi, Higurashi, etc.) returning to duke it out with each other. Amidst all this, 2010’s newcomers from Angel Beats, Bakemonogatari, Railgun, et al. are also certainly not to be trifled with.

Explosions, despair, rage, cardboard eating, avaliable now at Saimoe 2010.

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I learned alot this year. One is that I suck at taking pictures, although that I kinda already knew from previous occasions. Another is that somebody somewhere in the Anime Expo organizing department must’ve done something very right with this year’s con, because every single second of it turned out to be a memorable experience.

And certain times, in more ways than one!


(NOTE: This post primarily focuses on the experiences of some dude named Eater-of-All at AX2010, and is not intended to be a coverage/detailed-review of the entire convention. Descriptions are written as brief as possible, but it does cover four days worth of events afterall. For transcripts of various panels, see http://bayoab.info/live/live2.php.)


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ISML2010 starts its regular season today with some of the most hair-rippingly difficult matchups possible (Shana vs Fate, Hina vs Tomoyo, Hitagi vs Yuki, etc.); already you can sense the various homicidal intentions flying around in the community in response. Five months of RAGE, despair, fffff, avaliable now at a voting page near you.

For a little breakdown of the regular season system: fifty girls from various anime series duke it out in a round-robin tournament over a 5-month time span. The entire regular season itself is split into 7 “Periods” each characterized by a unique gemstone (Aquamarine, Ruby, etc.), and the girl who performs the best within a Period gets a poster made for her as a little reward. At the end of the five months, the top 16 girls with best performances will enter Double Eliminations, concluding the regular season. The official FAQ can be found here.

PS: If you don’t vote for Yuki, please do not be surprised when your computer mysteriously disappears in the future. Thank you.

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So yeah, one month after an explosive nomination round that left hundreds of fanboys lamenting about their girls not making the cut, the ISML2010 preliminaries has now begun. It essentially takes less than a minute to vote, so I encourage you to come join the festival and show some support for your favorite girls! For those of you uncontent with just voting and want to understand the extremely tricky and complicated preliminary system that nobody entirely gets, visit the ISML FAQ and 2010 Charter.

Mmm ISML. I can already taste the yummy despair and RAGE in the air.


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