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I waited exactly 360 days for Anime Expo 2011. Through wallet-empty days, through KitaEri/Hocchan-signature-less nights, I waited with bated breath for registration, Guests of Honor announcements, and schedule releases. Even through my heartache at the March 11th Japan earthquake, even through my stressful schoolwork, I waited patiently.

And then Anime Expo 2011 came, and the one thing I remember doing the most during the con was… waiting. Then again, I was able to wait in actual physical lines, so I guess that’s a change of pace!

The most important part of course, was that all the waiting were worth it.

(For more transcripts/coverage of certain panels, see bayoab’s live feed, Inside AX, and ANN)


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The biggest annual anime convention in North America starts tomorrow on July 1st!

Several of our Anime Club officers will be roaming around in the convention, and from our surveys it seems alot of GHS students are interested in going as well. Say hello if you see us, as we will if we see you!

I can’t wait to see Miyuki Sawashiro and (hopefully) get her autograph.

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I learned alot this year. One is that I suck at taking pictures, although that I kinda already knew from previous occasions. Another is that somebody somewhere in the Anime Expo organizing department must’ve done something very right with this year’s con, because every single second of it turned out to be a memorable experience.

And certain times, in more ways than one!


(NOTE: This post primarily focuses on the experiences of some dude named Eater-of-All at AX2010, and is not intended to be a coverage/detailed-review of the entire convention. Descriptions are written as brief as possible, but it does cover four days worth of events afterall. For transcripts of various panels, see http://bayoab.info/live/live2.php.)


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If you plan on going to AX2010 for more than 2 days, you would want to consider registering soon, as the price of 4-day tickets will raise by the end of this month. Then again, there’s always the option of waiting to see what guests will show up first before deciding whether it’s worth your time (by the way, my eyes still bleed every time I see that I’d missed Minori, Seki, Kotoko, and ABe for previous years. Damnit.)

Also, as some of you have probably heard, there has been various issues in the AX organization’s internal management recently, basically amounting into a mass exodus/walk-out of much of the bitter senior staff over a new, apparently quite a mismatched, CEO. And if there is a shitstorm blowing at their HQ right now, they sure aren’t letting it show through the website (some of their recent site-update comments appear quite jovial actually). I don’t know nearly enough business/corporate complications to comment on who’s the Bad Guy or what; you’ll find ample more information in the ANN discussion and AX’s forums. What I do know is that although such a conflict will inevitably affect AX2010 to some degree, I’m willing to believe it’s no Doomsday. Hopefully the situation will get better as the flames die down over time.

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Only $50.00  for a 4-day pass!! Quickly, sign up now before the price raises! :O


The dates are July 1 to July 4, so cancel your vacation and go to AX! >:O

lolol jk 😛

Anyways, for those who don’t know what Anime EXPO is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anime_Expo

You can look at some of the pictures from this site if you want to know what it has there : http://anime-expo-photos.com/

Yeah.. follow them on twitter too if you have it~!! http://twitter.com/AnimeExpo

Wow I’m advertising it or something!@!# lol

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