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I distinctly recall how, on a certain Feburary day of 2008, the Clannad visual novel was at long last declared to be 99% translated. Now on the March of 2010, the progress stands at 99.9999%, a remarkable 0.9999% rise from the previous milestone! And it only took a little more than 2 years!

Reminds me of those dreaded asymptotes from my math class, to be honest.

Be that as it may, I’d still like to give a big thumbs up to the translation team at Baka-Tsuki for its past 3 years of hard work at translating the notoriously huge Clannad and its (potentially) 300 hours worth of script. Unfortunately, it seems fatigue has long since caught up with them, as can be seen from the lack of update these days (albeit excluding the recent minor(?) ones). Komari from ASuki explains that the current stand-still is due to numerous small bugs that needs to be fixed before an official patch can be released, although the texts themselves are already 99.9% translated. With a little effort, manual patching can be achieved through downloading the necessary files from the project’s SVN site. For those of you who don’t feel like waiting till 65 to play one of the best visual novels ever, here are the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to manually patch your Clannad game (Note: this method is intended to work for the Full Voice version only; see the SVN frontpage for brief instructions on how to patch the Clannad original version):

Update 5/05/11 – It seems that a person named Polarem has now taken over the Clannad translation project in the original team’s stead. He has been editing and fixing the script, along with graphics, for a while now. Recently, he released a convenient patch that can translate the game into English easily. Consider using that patch, or if it doesn’t work, either try to contact him or use my guide.


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All you SRPG and VN fans out there rejoice, for 100+ hours have just disappeared from your life with team Dakkodango’s (who also translated Tears to Tiara) fresh hot release of the Eien no Aselia English translation patch.

Obligatory background info: Eien no Aselia is a tactical RPG/VN developed by Xuse, and also happens to be the predecessor to the famous Seinarukana. This particular version that Dakkodango translated is known as Eien no Aselia -Kono Daichi no Hate De-, which features more content, improved system, and the removal of H-content.

Check out Dakkodango’s EnA Extras thread for walkthroughs, OP videos, and… various extra addons. Damn, and I’ve just started Clannad too; good bye my life.

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Which is technically a 2nd beta patch and was released nearly a month ago (curse my analness in regards to complete patches), but seeing as it translates the entirety of the game with minimal errors, I reckon it is as good as done. Kudos to Phar and his team. The patch is avaliable for grabbing on their TLWiki page.

Anyways, Symphonic Rain is one of those visual novels that starts out looking innocent and then comes back and eats you alive for breakfast. It can be heart-warming when it wants to be, depressing when it doesn’t, or just plain brick-inducing when it decides the time is right to let you a glimpse of its secrets. Definitely something I’d recommend trying out, as it’s also an all-age game. Besides, who wouldn’t like being surrounded by a cast of lolis two of which is voiced by Mai Nakahara?

If you’re interested, you may or may not want to also take a look at the Symphonic Rain review at visual-novel.net. Try to avoid Wikipedia; it contains a pretty damned dangerous spoiler.

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Following a small-scale explosion of Internet Drama (see: CoalGuys, NNL), an Eden* translation project has been announced as a collaboration between CoalGuys, TLWiki, and Sekai Project. Quite a pleasant New Years gift too, as I’ve always had my eyes on Eden* for a while now, and had been hoping for a translation project sometime soon (albeit my hope was dashed once during a certain gg scandal at Amaterasu’s). It’s a fairly short all-aged kinetic novel, with some very nice graphics and an interesting post-apocalyptic setting, so you may want to consider trying it out too whenever the translation project is done (and I doubt it’d take more than one or two months for it to finish).

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Amaterasu, the visual novel translation group who finished Cross Channel in 3 months, will be polling for their project #3 on 11/23 6:00 PM for 24 hours. The ten finalists are:

– 11eyes
– Baldr Sky Dive1 “LostMemory”
– Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet
– France Shoujo ~Une Fille Blanche~
– I/O
– Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
– MuvLuv Alternative
– My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT
– Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu
– Swan Song

More info can be found on their blog.

As for me, I’d always been hyped up for Eden* even before its release, and the game’s epic OP (which, if anyone remembers, was shown in the club room when I was testing the projector) did nothing but encourage that. Being an all-age game certainly helps me in this regard, since I tend to avoid eroge. Eden* is also supposedly quite short compared to other visual novels; short enough for Amaterasu to finish it within a month and right on time for me to burn through it during Christmas break. As such, I’m totally backing Eden* on this one.

Also, “Vote for Eden* and WIN”, courtesy of NNL. 🙂

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