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Following a small-scale explosion of Internet Drama (see: CoalGuys, NNL), an Eden* translation project has been announced as a collaboration between CoalGuys, TLWiki, and Sekai Project. Quite a pleasant New Years gift too, as I’ve always had my eyes on Eden* for a while now, and had been hoping for a translation project sometime soon (albeit my hope was dashed once during a certain gg scandal at Amaterasu’s). It’s a fairly short all-aged kinetic novel, with some very nice graphics and an interesting post-apocalyptic setting, so you may want to consider trying it out too whenever the translation project is done (and I doubt it’d take more than one or two months for it to finish).

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Amaterasu, the visual novel translation group who finished Cross Channel in 3 months, will be polling for their project #3 on 11/23 6:00 PM for 24 hours. The ten finalists are:

– 11eyes
– Baldr Sky Dive1 “LostMemory”
– Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet
– France Shoujo ~Une Fille Blanche~
– I/O
– Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
– MuvLuv Alternative
– My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT
– Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu
– Swan Song

More info can be found on their blog.

As for me, I’d always been hyped up for Eden* even before its release, and the game’s epic OP (which, if anyone remembers, was shown in the club room when I was testing the projector) did nothing but encourage that. Being an all-age game certainly helps me in this regard, since I tend to avoid eroge. Eden* is also supposedly quite short compared to other visual novels; short enough for Amaterasu to finish it within a month and right on time for me to burn through it during Christmas break. As such, I’m totally backing Eden* on this one.

Also, “Vote for Eden* and WIN”, courtesy of NNL. 🙂

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