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Which is technically a 2nd beta patch and was released nearly a month ago (curse my analness in regards to complete patches), but seeing as it translates the entirety of the game with minimal errors, I reckon it is as good as done. Kudos to Phar and his team. The patch is avaliable for grabbing on their TLWiki page.

Anyways, Symphonic Rain is one of those visual novels that starts out looking innocent and then comes back and eats you alive for breakfast. It can be heart-warming when it wants to be, depressing when it doesn’t, or just plain brick-inducing when it decides the time is right to let you a glimpse of its secrets. Definitely something I’d recommend trying out, as it’s also an all-age game. Besides, who wouldn’t like being surrounded by a cast of lolis two of which is voiced by Mai Nakahara?

If you’re interested, you may or may not want to also take a look at the Symphonic Rain review at visual-novel.net. Try to avoid Wikipedia; it contains a pretty damned dangerous spoiler.

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