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I should’ve made this post on Monday, since it’s a tad late now to inform you guys what we are screening when we, well, already screened it a few hours ago. My bad!

Anyways, yes the OVA / short film of this week is Cencoroll, a not-really-sci-fi action title produced entirely by one single animator named Atsuya Uki, with sponsorship by Anime Innovation Tokyo. It was made as a pilot film of sorts in order to test the reception and see whether or not Cencoroll has the potential to be developed into a full-blown anime project. In this regard, it seems Cencoroll has succeeded, since Uki has already announced a sequel to the film to be tentatively titled Cencoroll 2.


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We screened the 13th and last episode of Yumekui Merry today, so we are now officially done with our second series of the season. However, there are still 6 weeks (7, including finals week) left in school. Thus, rather than selecting another 13-episode  TV series and leave it hanging when we ditch school for the summer, we’ve decided to screen multiple anime OVA titles that each has only one episode in those weeks.

For those who don’t know what OVA means, Google it. Ok fine here’s the link.

At the beginning of each week, we will announce what OVA we will be screening that week via the bulletin and this blog, along with a short synopsis of it. Those of you who found it difficult to come in 13 weeks in a row for our regular screenings will like this format, since each OVA has its own self-contained story told in one episode. Some feature slick action, some contain romance and drama, and still others focus on slice of life and comedy.

Check out the bulletin and blog at the beginning of each week to see if a title interests you!

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We have a minimum day on Wednesday this week, so we will be screening Yumekui Merry ep11 on Friday instead.

Meanwhile, the Spring season has already kind of started, although a few Winter series have still yet to end due to delays from the earthquake. Nichijou is, uh, interesting; it’s exactly what I’d expect a KyoAni-produced Pani Poni Dash to be like. Which makes sense, since the source is supposedly inspired by PPD itself.

In any case, there will be forty or so Spring shows that will start to pop up over the next few weeks, so things are going to get crazy soon.

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