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Mrs. Schramm has a staff meeting, so this Thursday’s (Nov. 17th’s) screening is cancelled. And because we will be having Thanksgiving break the entirety of next week, our next screening will be on Tuesday (Nov. 29th) of the following week.

The lack of screenings for two weeks makes me a sad panda. :< However, as usual, remember that the Anime Club is always open even on non-screening days. If you feel like reading some manga or playing some cards (we have anime-styled poker and Tarot cards!), come drop by at lunch.

Have a good Thanksgiving break!

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In the end, out of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Canaan, Eden of the East, Working!!, and Ano Hana, the tearful and heartwarming anime about six childhood friends won the most votes, and will thus be screened in the Anime Club for the next 11 screening days! Because the next Anime Selection Meeting (sometime in January) will consist of all-new selections, no series this time will be retained for the next meeting.

Ano Hana, full name Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, has been heralded throughout the anime community as one of the best anime this year (some would argue, this decade). This is corroborated by its incredible #9 in the AnimeNewsNetwork rankings, and #21 in the MyAnimeList rankings. It is a highly emotionally-moving anime, and indeed, I’ve seen many (including one of our officers!) driven to tears by it.

Screenings are held, by default, on every Tuesday and Thursday at lunch in room B208. We generally start the episode at around 12:15 to 12:20. Come watch the first episode of Ano Hana with us next Tuesday, Nov. 15th!

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Did everyone enjoy our finale screening of Ika Musume? For everyone who is already missing the geso, Ika Musume season 2 is currently airing in Japan! Pick up the second season if you want to continue following the adventures of our lovable squid girl. =)

Meanwhile, now that the club has finished screening Ika Musume, it’s time to start showing a different anime. Come to our Second Anime Selection Meeting this Thursday, Nov. 10th, at lunch in room B208 to vote on a new anime to watch!

About Anime Selection Meetings: Every year, the Anime Club holds several Anime Selection Meetings for club members to vote on which anime they want us to screen. There will be five series to choose from, from action to comedy to drama, with each series the best of its genre. Once chosen, a series will be screened from start to finish one episode at a time. Screening are default on Tuesdays and Thusdays at lunch in room B208.

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The last episode of Ika Musume will be screened on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, in B208 during lunch!
Please join us in enjoying the last episode!

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