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And with today’s screening, we are officially done with our 3rd and 4th anime of 2012! We hope you enjoyed watching Inu x Boku SS and Another. However, this year isn’t quite over just yet. Although we won’t be screening another anime series (well… with luck we may have a little time left for an OVA or a movie), we still have one final event coming up.

Ever wondered whether you know more about anime than this dude who sits next to you? Or maybe you’d like to see how many fellow students are at your level? Our upcoming Anime Jeopardy Contest 2012 will let you do just that!

What: The Jeopardy Contest will put your knowledge of anime to the test with questions that range from easy to difficult, from standard to obscure. There will be lots of prizes to give out!

Who: Any Gabrielino student is welcome to participate, free of charge. However, signing-up is required, so visit our clubroom at B208 to sign up now!

When: May 24th (Thurs)

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Inu X Boku SS & Another have been chosen to be screened. These 2 anime have only been released in Japan for about 2 weeks. I can tell you both of these anime are really good. I have personally read the manga and I really enjoyed both of theses. Inu X Boku SS was a joy to read, while Another creeps me out but was still a very fascinating nevertheless. Starting next week:

Inu X Boku SS will be screened every Tuesday during lunch.

Another will be screened every Thursday during lunch.

Remember, you do NOT have to come to these screenings if you do not wish to. :3 Enjoy the anime!~~

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Of Squids and Hats

I did it. My ika-hat is finally complete in all its squidy and tentacley glory. Now I can join forces with my ika-bretheren and together we shall invade the Earth!

You too can join our conquest for domination today by following this video tutorial for instructions on how to make an ika-hat.

In related news, Ika Musume is definitely the show of the season. OreImo and Kaminomi are entertaining, Bakuman has alot of potential, and Star Driver is :fabulous:, but I find myself anticipating Ika Musume the most every week. Its light-hearted and relaxing comedy just clicks really well with me.

Also, I’d totally eat Ika Musume iykwim.

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I call these the Fundamentals, not because I have a habit of capitalizing every other word for emphasis, but because these particular elements are the ones I’ve noticed to be the foundations for almost every anime fan worldwide. Just as a pedophile will always remain a failure without his own personal camera, so are these CAT elements (the acronymic spelling of which I totally deny to have been intentional) crucial in upholding an anime fan’s very existence as an anime fan; it doesn’t necessarily define your uniqueness, but it more or less validates you as one of the same crowd.

That’s not to say however, that this CAT standard only applies to fans of anime. I’m merely using it as a blanket term to encompass the wider, let’s say, “otaku subculture” (for a lack of a better phrase), which includes visual novels, light novels, manga, doujins, etc, etc. Visual novel enthusiasts, for instance, might find these things fit for their hobby just as well as it would for a seiyuu fanatic. Hell, I suppose even a person with interests outside of this realm of anime and manga might actually possess these elements too, which probably shows just how much I’m playing Captain Obvious and am hammering points that likely won’t even matter in the end! But for the sake of the topic, I’ll continue to focus on the anime fandom itself.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the CAT!


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Super-late episode post, but I think it’s only proper to give it the closure. I’m skipping the Railgun 12 and 13 posts though; let’s just say ep12 was awesome and ep13 barely warrants a 50-word description.

Continuing from episode 23, Arclight has just disintegrated Saten and has memorized all his fragments. He then summons a massive grotesque ball of doom that, upon analyzation from Disc, is revealed to be a giant cluster of Needless cells. Blade then rushes up the cell cluster and strikes at Arclight, but even Blade is now no match for the rigged bastard, and he gets easily thrown aside.

Arclight then fuses with the cell cluster and goes super-saiyan.


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Fall is coming to pass, and another season is now swiftly upon us. It has been a long conception that the Winter and Summer seasons are relatively lackluster compared to Spring and Fall, due to the tendency of 2-cour shows to air in those two latter seasons, but experiences during this past year have told me otherwise (at least, Fall09 certainly cannot compare to Summer09). It is also customary for naysayers to pop out every season complaining about the lack of variety and the decline of quality in general in regards to the lineup, and I admit that for the past few seasons I’ve been one of them. This time however, I decided to take a more optimistic approach. Afterall, most gems in this world start out inconspicuous, yet they continue to deliver. What’s life without a little hope? /sunshine

In any case, here is a little preview for Winter 2010 along with my personal impressions (summaries/images taken from Chartfag’s Winter 2010 v2 preview chart because I’m too lazy to write/find my own).


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Railgun ep11 is one of the better episodes yet, complete with loliservice, action, flashbacks, and a little teaser for some good’ol tentacles.


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